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Discreet Mattress Cleaning from the Witty Cleaners

The average bed is host to millions of microscopic organisms which can cause allergies, eczema, and itchy eyes. Our mattress cleaning service will fight against these mites – our all-natural, dry, and chemical-free methods will eradicate them swiftly and easily. Use us in your home, hotel, hospital, and everywhere else that has beds!

Mattress Cleaners With Experience

All of our mattress cleaners have been specifically trained in the use of our dry mattress sanitising machine. The procedure effectively removes and destroys mites, spores, bacteria, and other harmful debris found within your mattress. Using high intensity ultraviolet light, the vibration and the extreme suction shakes and sucks away all remnants – it’s completely non-invasive and totally safe.

Benefit from the Witty Cleaners’ Technology

The Witty Cleaners provides a dry mattress sanitising process that doesn’t require any set-up time at all! Learn more about this technique below:

  • A completely portable machine: you don’t need to take the mattress off the bed
  • No drying times: there’s no moisture to penetrate the bedding
  • 72 hour residual effect: allergens continue to be destroyed during this time
  • Minimum application time: only 14-16 minutes needed
  • Chemical-free: colour-safe without any bleaching agents or toxins

Mattress Cleaning That Really Works

You can call us on 020 3404 0304 at any time of the day or night – our customer service advisers are here for you 24/7. Book your mattress cleaning with us and we’ll show you exactly what we extract from your mattress!

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